Loudspeakers are the end of your audio reproduction chain, and usually, when you start to build a system,

you start from back to front:

  • first you choose the environment of your future audio temple, which in our case is the listening room
  • second, you choose the type of the transducer according to that particular room and your music tastes
  • third, you start to build-up your system around the chosen loudspeaker system

Example: if you have a small room, you should think about a small monitor, even a near field one, like they use in the

professional recording studios. In case you room is bigger and you heart is delighted by the live sound of alternative-rock

bands, then you should thing about a ‘big thing’ kind of loudspeaker, with 12 to 15 inches bass drivers and staff :]

If you are planning to enjoy the sound of  the vacuum tube designs, especially single ended, then you will need a

high efficiency loudspeaker project  to play with.


So,  is better to choose your  type of loudspeaker project from the beginning, as any of your latter efforts implied

to develop your system will be ruined by a poor loudspeaker design.

My first serious loudspeaker was a Dynaudio two ways monitor kit,  bought in the nineties from paul

The Foccus kit by Dynaudio was a real delight to work at, and is was the first ‘baby kit’ of high qaulity

I finished and enjoyed for years. The Foccus pair I build is still on service at my friend Radu, were serving well

in Kenia and now are just making sound back in Bucharest!

Here there are the building plans gently hosted by this Australian website Dynaudio Kits Plans .

The walls of these kits were doubled, by keeping the internal volume unchanged. The kits were providing anything

needed, except the wooden cabinet. These small babies were able to produce quite bold bass-lines despite its small

dimensions. The crossover was already assembled, with very good components and an impressive diagram.

These Dynaudio kits  sounded amazing for the buck (some 500 usd at the time), having only a drawback: they

were very insensitive (87 dB),  as a price for their ‘studio’ like linearity.


Here I will present my latest two loudspeaker projects:

  1. Rhythm by NorthCreek Music Systems
  2. The Mildness a high efficiency coaxial loudspeaker by attiTube

Rhythm ————————————–—————- Mildness Coaxial

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