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DIY Audio: Projects by fanatics, for fanatics!

tiode dick

Vic’s airbearing tonearm ‘Terminator’

pete millet’s diy audio pages

Duncan’s Tube Data Sheet Locator

Sakuma San’s amplifiers on Direct Heated group’s web page

‘Trapping bass in your home studio’ by Arthur M. Noxon

DIY MC step-up transformer

kymatasound: nice looking creative design DIY Bass traps

Sowter – best MC transformer for the buck!

bob’s devices  – mc matching transformer sets

platenspeler  – the main source of inspiration for riaa phono stages!

DIY tube bass traps by teresaudio

dynamikks – a good examample of dynamic small business !

Guitar effects  — nice overdrive

EL156 SE ultralinear amplifier

diyparadiso : serious and dedicated source for tube DIY goodies, highly  recommended!

john eekels ‘s DIY site – impressive work

DIY tube buffered Gainclone!

krishu – nice analog diy stuff

AE Europe – good output transformers, mains and chokes, interstage transformers + tube projects componets

oatley electronics funny audio tube kits – interesting riaa cheapo project from southern hemisphere

OddWatt – vacuum tubes amplifier kits

Speaker building   zillaaudio

Phono cartridge alignment – extensive explanations with drawings

Torlai_Italian mc cartrige repair-retip sevices

Tube source from Poland

EL156 SE made by Japanese T.Kanoh

Steven P. Helm’s DIY broadband bass traps

TANNOY coaxial loaudspeakers – all you need to build/rebuild one – true heritage site!

ECC803S_how could recognize originals from the fake ones -interesting article

Fred Nachbaur’s vacuum tube projects, combos and guitar distorts

anti-skating insight stuff

rim drive turntable – good accesories, cnc services

EL156 single ended amplifier superbly build

Reference Components – Free Independent Audio Media ?!!

813 Single Ended Amplifier

wild burro audio labs – SET friendly speakers

Arduino’s blogspot – DAC mods, micro controller audio applications and programming, lot of digital stuff for the advanced ones

DIY Linear Tracking Tonearm

vinyl engine

jundac  – Eric’s NOS dac projects, discrete open loop transistor preamplifiers, plus concludent PSU elecrolytic capacitors test

cooltune – I just liked the name, articles and the approach of this nice site 😉   –   very!high end diy projects from Italy     full project high efficiency Onken speaker and other good stuff

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