TDA1543 diy D/A Converter

NON oversampling Digital to Analog converter based on a TDA 1543 kit by Doede Douma

My first digital project was the construction of the DDDAC Mk I /II kits from Doede Douma. I wanted to try a change on the digital side of my system without rubbing a bank, so, after few weeks of research I ‘landed’ over the pages of Doede’s site The idea of non oversampling DAC  was first implemented by Ryohei Kusunoki, which interview in TNT Audio is relevant on his designs and philosophy. The diagram of TDA543 dac could be seen here. I will be short on explanations, as Doede informatio on his dac kit are sufficient.

Here are some pictures with the first version of this TDA1543 NOS DAC I’ve built in February 2005, as seen during first testing session:

As you could observe, the DAC was mounted in a wooden box , having one power on switch on the front pannel,  two RCA connectors in the back for audio output unbalancet exit, one RCA for the digital IN and one ‘mother’ XLR chassis typeconnector for the external car lead type 45 A/h battery.  Yes, this dac was battery powered, the car battery giving an using time of about two weeks for 2 hours listening per day. As tweaking is the way for the DIY freak, I was playing with Vref by changing Rref, thus making good old TDA1543 to ‘sweat’. I must to figure out  a way of dissipating the heat: fisrt I linked all the chips on vertical by using a small tower like made from aluminum, an on top of this I mounted a INTEL chipset heatsink, scrapped from an old computer. With a supply of 8.5 volts, I was kicking the Vref at 3,95 Volts, the temperatures on the big chipset heatsink reaching 52 *C degrees, and the sound becoming smooth and silky !


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     Well, as this DAC baby went to improve the quality of digital front end system of my friend CC, after few years I feel the need to put the small ‘digi monster ‘ back into my system, to be of a good help when playing acoustic and female voice music. I then purchased a revised kit DDDAC mk 3.2. Doede refined his first nos DAC over years, and now I started to implement a 12 TDA1543dac cip, with improved clock, local separate psu and new pcb spread layout, plus the new tower ‘bricks’ for a decent  and intelligent cooling system. Here you could seeehow is look like the new one being tested

The TDA1453 cooling  tower is seen mounted on the pcb

Bellow, the two separate pcb are sandwiched together as I was needed to minimize the volume of dac to get into small wooden box

The chassis implementation is revealed here, on the left.           On the right is the compact montage of the dac before to get inside the box

  • Here is a gallery on the final look of  DDDAC mk II: 

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