Tube Sound VP80 Nx full balanced line/phono amplifier

Tube Sound VP80 Nx full balanced line/phono amplifier with Nixie display for source selection

Here we present the last version of the tube line amplifiers custom made by Tube Sound Labs: VP 80 ‘Nixie’.

vlp80_2016_front view_detail_007














This custom hand-made balanced line amplifier incorporates some new features.

It uses an intelligent remote control , which is microprocessor controlled, with 8 usable channels (plus

motorized volume control). This remote unit has an LCD screen that helps the manufacturer to program

any hand-held remote terminal as the customer wants. At client’s wish, the LCD screen could be mounted

inside the chassis, or flush mounted onto the gear’s face-plate.

vlp80_2016_front upper lid open 003









vlp80_2016_front view_detail_006
































– line section, as well as the phono stage employs led/diode bias.


vlp80_2016_front upper back view_001



















vlp80_2016_front view_003












vlp80_2016_back view_001






vlp80_2016_front view_detail_002



















For source selection, a NIXIE tube was used to show which channel was selected to play.


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