Tube Sound Precision Line Amplifier VP20 MkII

Virgil Tube Laboratories just finished the second version of their  all tube  fully balanced line amplifier last week. Compared to the previous one, named VLP62oB , the new V20 is not supporting a phono stage at all and makes use of  Russian made vacuum tubes 6N23P, long life versions. Considerable improvements were made at the power supply stages. VP20 is using a slow rise  B+ regulator in order to deliver the anode tension progressively from zero to full B+ potential in about 10 seconds, simulating the behavior of a EZ80 rectifier; the filament supply is working in the same manner, providing a 30 seconds slow rise from 2/3 of  filament nominal voltage (4 Volt) to full value (6,3 Volt). The filament and B+ power supplies  start-up, stand-by and delays are logically correlated this way: first, the filament is heated at 4 Volts, then the filament voltage rises slowly to full value, then the B+ is delivered progressively and after reaching full value, the mute relay is opened.  Practically, someone could left plugged the V20 into the mains socket forever in stand-by mode, thus increasing the vacuum tubes lifespan.

Here there are few pictures presenting the V20 vacuum beauty:

                       Well done, Virgil!

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